Welcome to Kings Brewing Company

Kings is a family and friends ran brewery that believes putting moral and standards above all else is very important. Now that being said we are not afraid to have a little fun whether it be in the names of our brews or the stuff we throw in them. We have never been afraid to try something new and have yet to try it first on a pilot batch. Around here we just go for it and kind of chuckle  at the results at times. More than half our tap list is made up of first time brewed batches made up with good old pen and paper with a clipboard and a little thought and recipes are born.

Left Picture- 6bbl brew system (mash tun, and boil kettle)

Middle Picture- 7bbl jacketed fermentor

Right Picture- Roll up door was removed and a store front was put in.


By placing this order with us you certify under penalty of perjury that you and the recipient of this shipment are at least 21 years old.”  We do not ship anything to any states at anytime, nor can you make any purchases from this website